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Representing Employers

As an employer, you must be able to comply with a maze of State and Federal laws concerning everything from wage and hour compliance, workplace safety, business practices, discrimination, human resources, and wrongful termination. We are here to help you successfully navigate these issues to avoid any potential liability to your business.


Wage and Hour Defense

California has some of the strictest wage and hour laws in the country. Not only are you required to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act, designed to regulate wage and hour standards at the Federal level, you must also comply with the exacting regulations of California law. To fully understand the depth of wage and hour laws in California, and to keep your company compliant on all levels, give us a call today.


Employee Training Requirements

As an employer, you are required to provide adequate training for your employees in certain areas. One of the main requirements for all employers is to provide sexual harassment prevention training. To make sure you are in full compliance, call us today to learn about the full requirements for your specific industry.



If you operate a business, you need to ensure that your business is conducted in such a way that the services you provide always meet the strict requirements of California law.

Lambert Litigation Group is here to assist you to ensure that you are operating your business in compliance with California law and is available to assist with any
needs your business may have.

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